Whale Yoga™ For Kids! DVD

Jodi Komitor, founder of Next Generation Yoga, has created an educational, creative & fun yoga routine for kids! Using the big Pacific humpback whales as inspiration, Jodi teaches yoga stretches and breathing techniques that imitate the movement and behavior of these giants of the sea. This makes the yoga experience enjoyable, imaginative, and exciting for kids ages 2 and up.

Shot on location in Northern San Diego County, California and in a beautiful private yoga room, this DVD brings Jodi and a group of young yoga students together to share the Whale Yoga experience with viewers. Jodi shows each pose or activity and then guides you and her on-camera students through the routine.

The music for Whale Yoga by composer Ron Franklin, adds a warm touch and matches the mood of each pose and exercise. Ron’s song, “Wild and Living Sea” is the original inspiration for Whale Yoga, and the song is included along with video footage of humpback whales near Maui, shot by Ron in January of 2010.

Also included in the DVD is an 8-minute Whale Yoga Flow and an exclusive interview with Jodi Komitor.

DavidJi, Dean and Lead Educator at Chopra Center University says: Jodi Komitor is a visionary. Her adult understanding of life and her child-like nature make Whale Yoga a profound journey. She teaches with innocence, grace, and wisdom and the kids LOVE it! What an amazing DVD!

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Ages 2+

Price: $18
2% of the proceeds from this DVD are going to Save The Whales Foundation

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