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Kids and Families Bond Together With Yoga

NGY offers yoga classes, family retreats, birthday parties and more! Non-stop yoga fun positively affects the health, well-being and confidence of all who join in.

NGY teaches Creative Kids Yoga™ for combining the art of yoga with the playful nature of children.

Yoga Classes

NGY offers classes for kids & families in Southern California, San Diego County and the New York tri-state area.

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Encinitas, San Diego County
New York City, New York

NGY In Schools

Whether you’re interested in weekly yoga classes or a one-time special event, NGY can bring the boundless benefits of yoga to you, your students & teachers!

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Yoga Birthday Parties
Celebrate your child’s next birthday in a healthy way! Next Generation Yoga parties are unique & memorable filled with music, storytelling, Creative Kids Yoga™ and more. Read more about yoga parties for kids.

NGY for Kids with Special Needs
Whether in private yoga therapy or group classes, children with special needs benefit noticeably from this ancient practice.
More about children with special needs and yoga.

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yoga music for kids Deeep Breath
“Take a Deeep Breath” with Daisy in Lotus!

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